The Angel Healing Club

provides an exciting variety of healing events

to nourish your heart, soul and body!


The Angel Healing Club  was spirit’s answer to me about how to bring healing that is affordable and based in sharing community resources. I feel called to support the growing number of amazing healers to bring thier gifts to the many that are so ready to transform. Together we bring more light and awakening into our world!  

As a community we empower self -healing, bring healing to each other, and strengthen our  connection to universal benevolance. We offer a healing classes that are experiential so you can have healing by a wide variety of practioners in a supportive community setting. 

The Angel Healing Club is a true gift from spirit. You are invited to join me and the many others ready to bring more love, understanding, compassion and kindness to ourselve, each other, and our world.

The angels are here to support you. 
You are a part of this evolution and growth.
‚ÄčYou don’t have to do it alone.

With love, Pati Scamacca