Pati Scamacca, Founder

Pati is the founder and organizer of the Angel Healing Club. She has been a dedicated, full-time healer for over 30 years. She facilitates moving through blockages to spiritual connection with loving Source, our guides and angels. As a teacher of intuitive skills, Pati empowers others to connect with the worlds of spirit, including our loved ones who have passed.

Pati supports physical and emotional healing through her many years as a psychic healer, reader, channeler and her work with her spirit medical team. She is the channeler/author of the book Love is the Path Home, Spirit Messages for Awakening your Soul.

Deeply devoted to our shared awakening in universal love, the Angel Healing Club is her passionate service to you and all.

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AHC Team: Visionary Founder, Organizer, Facilitates Grow and Share, Community Share, Community Healing with the Angels, Circle of LIght Activations, and Channelling Q and A.

Dido Clark, Assistant

Dido is happy to be on the Angel Healing Club team, helping with anything that happens behind the scenes. She met Pati years ago and considers her to be a very special person who has her finger on the sacred pulse of life. She is honored to be part of a team that helps people connect with the angels who are the answers to their prayers. 

AHC Team: Office Assistant and Calendar Coordinator

Ameelie von Harrach-Facilitator

Ameelie is a heart-centered transformational life coach, intuitive healer, shamanic journey guide and mentor for creatives. Ameelie had a twenty-year award-winning career in the creative sector, including film, architecture, installation art, museum curating and media. Coming to terms with how working in the corporate world was depleting her soul and her health, she quit her job at the Guardian newspaper in London. She then began what would become a four-year global journey of healing and spiritual awakening. It was a pilgrimage to reclaim her soul and clarify her sacred path.

Ameelie is an intuitive empath who supports her clients by weaving together a wide range of spiritual, somatic and psychological modalities that have enriched her path, such as energy healing, shamanism, qigong, neo tantra, somatic experiencing, meditation, cognitive awareness and Ayurveda. In addition to her passion for embodied awakening, she lives in an intentional community house in Boulder, Colorado with her husband and shamanic healer-cat.

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AHC Team- Facilitates transformational experiences and teachings



Marcus Mattern, Facilitator

None of the hardships we experience are accidental, and all of them have profound lessons to teach us. With this in mind, I’ve developed a program of personal and spiritual development that I’m eager to share with the Angel Healing Club community. I’ve always had a passion for learning secrets, whether it’s through philosophy, creative writing, or transcendental meditation, and I’m excited to share all that I’ve learned.

AHC Team: Facilitates Angel of the Month, Angel Activation, Grow and Share events. 

Willow Arlenea, Facilitator

Willow Arlenea, MA, LPC, has been walking the path of the mystic Sage for over 40 years. She is a psychotherapist, trauma specialist, Authentic Relating Facilitator, energy worker, psychic reader, goddess priestess, and the founder of Dancing Willow Tree Mystery School.

Willow is the author of The Tarot of Transformation tarot deck, and the books Seasons of the GoddessThe Path Through Emotional Pain, and Journey Through the Chakras. Her visionary art is found throughout the United States and in Europe.

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AHC Team: Facilitates Authentic Relating, Mystic Sage Circles, and Journey through the Chakras events.

Homa Nekoorad, Facilitator

My name is Homa and I am an intuitive artist, an "art of allowing" facilitator, a freelance graphic designer, and a reiki practitioner. My hope is to serve you with the healing and creative gift of art and meditation.

Practicing art and meditation brings me so much peace, play, and gratitude daily. By facilitating art and meditation workshops, my intention is to bring forth a space that provides and encourages authentic creativity, inner strength, confidence, playfulness, devotion, compassion, and the healing power of art and meditation to everyone who enters this magical inner temple. I offer both online and in-person art and meditation workshops.

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AHC Team: Facilitates Art expression Classes, Angel Advisory Team 

Clare Curtin, Angel Advisory Team

My name is Clare and I am on the advisory team. As a young child I was always aware of and close to my guardian angel. I have a connection to angels that has grown over the years. I am a retired therapist and author. I am helping with the Angel Healing Club by applying my knowledge of a Strengths-based approach and perspective. I view my role as being a support person to all.  


Amy Lane, Angel Advisory Team

I am Amy Lane and I classify myself as a seeker, a bliss addict, and a creative soul. I have been studying intuition for many years and have found so much growth through the classes and teachings the Pati has offered over the years. I am honored to be part of the Angel Advisory board and use my professional skills in online user adoption and marketing to help bring these amazing learning and growth opportunities to the Angel Healing Community. When I am not busy raising my three goddesses, I work on increasing all my intuitive senses through many different practices and becoming a certified Ho'oponopono healing practitioner.