Welcome! The Angel Healing Club is for connecting with spirit, tuning into your guidance, and being a part of our planets evolving consciousness.

Choose from a beautiful variety of online healing events. 

Stay connected with spirit's guidance, develop your intuition, receive deep healing and valuable insight for your life's path.

Recieve the benefit of Healing Professionals and spiritually oriented companions.

Be inspired, connected and supported on your path of spiritual and personal growth.

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Break through blocks and shift emotions so you feel balanced, free, and empowered.

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September Topic-Manifesting 🆓=Free Event 🟡=Small Fee 💜=Members

  "I have so much gratitude for all the people I've met in the angel club,

it has accelerated my healing in ways I never thought possible,

which gives me great hope and peace in these troubled times!

Thank you!"

Mary Ann, Boulder CO


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